$$ / $$$
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Pressure [Low, Medium, High],
Dynamic Service Speed [Static Only]
Seal Directionality [Bidirectional]
Manufacturing Method [Compression, Transfer, Molding],
Common modifications Mold to gland layout shape
Catalog Standards N/A
Customizable Yes
Comparative cost: $$ / $$$
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Special Applications

Low closure force, narrow aspect ratio.  Stays in place prior to gland closure producing significant assembly benefits.  Manifolded designs enable significant BOM count reductions, poke-a-yoke benefits.

More Information

Profiles and sizes
No industry standards, these seal types are typically custom designed to the application to address the specific demands of the application. For example, narrow seal package dimensions, inversion during assembly process, reduction of total number of seal components, reduced closure force, etc. Single or multiple seal "footprint" contact points.
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