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Pressure [Low, Medium, High],
Dynamic Service Speed [Low]
Seal Directionality [Bidirectional]
Manufacturing Method [Molding, Lathe cut, Die cut],
Common modifications Surface modifications and coatings
Catalog Standards N/A
Customizable Yes
Comparative cost: $ / $$
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Special Applications

Optimized for static face seal, special consideration surface finish interface at cut face on lathe cuts, corner radii on molded versions.

More Information

Some sizes are compatible with standard o-rings, most are custom. We recognize a variety of sizing conventions. At a minimum we will need to know ID, radial wall, and axial height.
In a hurry?

Our Zund XY table cutter can generate parts within hours of receiving your solid model. For die cuts we can start running parts in days. We've had success with turning production volumes of lathe cuts in under 2 weeks. Product complexity, materials availability and prevailing supply chain conditions drives results on an ongoing basis.


A variety of parting and surface profiling options are available to provide a wide variety of custom surface features. We enjoy a challenge - what's on your mind?

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