n/a varies by OEM
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Pressure [High]
Dynamic Service Speed [High]
Seal Directionality [Unidirectional]
Manufacturing Method [Combination]
Common modifications custom combinations energizer and cap materials
Catalog Standards n/a varies by OEM
Customizable Yes
Comparative cost: $$
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Special Applications

Used alone or in series with other elements. In series, buffers primary seal from pressure spikes allowing some leakage, extends lifetime and operating pressure of primay seal. Excellent dynamic friction modification.

More Information

Often overlooked, this seal can be a game changer.
Sometimes referred to as buffer seal this is a small dimension seal element which can be a very effective addition to the overall seal stack to produce a long-life dry seal. The thermoplastic element is shaped to facilitate effective back pumping to avoid pressure traps. The thermoplastic element (shown as ID element in image) is typically a filled PTFE to minimize wear and cold flow.

Fun fact - 2 seals in 1!

Over time the thermoplastic lip profile can wear flat, at which point this seal functions as a cap seal!

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