AS568-xxx, Parker 2-xxx, BS1806, JIS B 2401
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Pressure [Low, Medium],
Dynamic Service Speed [Medium, High],
Seal Directionality [Unidirectional, Bidirectional],
Manufacturing Method [Compression, Transfer, Injection],
Common modifications Single lip, Multi lip, Serration, Garter spring, Net molded or knife trimmed lip
Catalog Standards AS568-xxx, Parker 2-xxx, BS1806, JIS B 2401
Customizable Yes
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Special Applications

Not to be considered as a primary seal. Image shows lips optimized as fluid capture system for returning minor leakage back past the primary seal.

More Information

Sizing standards
Standard hydraulic rod inch and metric sizes with profile and gland dimensions varying by OEM. Consult with Darcoid technical team for the optimal selection for your specific application.
Available modifications

Heel slots, OD seal feature

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