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Parker Slick


ParkerSlick is an external o-ring coating that is dry to the touch. It provides excellent adhesion and friction properties compared to traditional PTFE coatings. ParkerSlick does not rub off easily, comes in an array of colors, and unlike PTFE, does not leave behind visible residue.


  • Extremely low insertion force for easier installation,
  • Greatly improves adhesion compared to traditional PTFE,
  • Eliminates coating from bonding/sticking to high temperature plastic,
  • Can be used in some dynamic applications where traditional PTFE would not be recommended
  • Comes in an array of contrasting colors to eliminate in-plant errors.

Recommended For: Static radial applications where sealing fluids, some dynamic applications, Color identification aid.

Not Recommend for: Gaseous applications, FDA applications, NSF 61 and USP class VI applications

Available Colors: Black, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow, Blue and Clear

Advantages of a customer Color Coded PTFE O-Rings & Seals

  • Color code identification
  • Improves feeding automated assembly
  • O-Rings will not stick together
  • A clean lubricated surface reduces friction and extends seal life 
  • Lubricity makes installation more efficient
  • Quick optical identification of O-Rings similar in dimensions
  • Custom color coated O-Rings are more economical than a custom pigmented compound
Image of different colored o-rings with one cut to show black interior

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