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The 800 Series Lock-O-Seal is a two piece combination seal comprised of a separately molded O-ring fitted within a surrounding metal washer. These Lock-O-Seals are intended to seal beneath the head of a fastener. Lock-O-Seals are recommended for use instead of 600 series Stat-O-Seals under the following circumstances:

(1) To seal bolts, studs, or other fasteners in the small and miniature sizes –specifically #2, #4 
       and #5
(2) The elastomer, retainer material or combination of both is not offered as a 600 Series Stat-O-

• 800 Series: Intended to seal the shank of a bolt immediately under the head
• Ideal for sealing small and miniature sizes
• Special material combinations not available as a 600 Series Stat-O-Seal


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