Extruded Profiles

Rubbers and other elastomer products can be extruded into long lengths for use in a variety of ways. The long extrusion can be lathe cut, cut to specific lengths, Spliced into a Hollow O-Ring configuration, spliced into a picture frame configuration, or bonded into a more difficult shape that includes more than one cross-section configuration; such as hollow bonded to solid. These products are generally known as Parker’s ParFab family of products. Any imaginable cross-section is feasible to extrude and cut to length (both very long and down to .030” in length). There are also a large variety of standard sections, including D, V, L and U shapes in standard size ranges. The other Products that Darcoid No-Cal Seal provides areLow Closure (LCF) SealsD-Ring Seals (used in applications to prevent Spiral Failures),Connector, Valve & fitting sealsShort Lip SealsOmega SealsPacker Elements (Oil & Gas Applications) and seals for the Communication Equipment industries.

Custom Extruded and Hollow Profiles available in Class VI, FDA, UL, NSF, and NSF compounds.


Darcoid works with Parker who supports its customers in the development of custom extruded profiles to solve specific application problems. The following drawings illustrate the wide range of custom extrusion capabilities of Parker. If you are interested in using one of these shapes or want to discuss the development of an alternative design, please contact us. Note that most of these profiles are available in silicone and some may also be available in other polymers such as nitrile or ethylene propylene.