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Integral Seals (Access Door Seal)

Integral Seals can be used in rugged environmental areas that require low leak rates with gaseous media, routinely tested with helium media down to 1x10-8 standard cc/sec, including:

  • Stationary & Portable Target Aquisition Systems
  • Field Computers and Displays
  • Remote Controlled Systems
  • Handheld Tactical Radios
  • Integrated Sighting Modules

The Integral Seal design eliminates the need for a machined or molded groove in the mating hardware. The seal is kept in place by chemically and/or mechanically bonding the elastomer to the retainer edge. Seals can be molded to metal retainers as thin as .025 in (.635 mm).

Integral Seals have flexibility to conform to mating surfaces, and require low closure force to seal. They work well in applications where minimal land width is of concern. They can be custom engineered to meet the environmental and/or pressure sealing requirements on a wide variety of systems.


  • Rubber element is chemically and/or mechanically bonded to retainer
  • Custom application specific engineered seal design
  • No cleaning or scraping required for seal removal
  • Metal retainer as thin as .025 in (.635 mm)


  • Quick & easy installation - a one-piece solution
  • Direct retrofit capability - no changes required to mating hardware
  • Reduced maintenance downtime
  • Flexible retainer - easily conforms to contoured surfaces


Image of Darcoid integral access door seals

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