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Stat-O-Seals are one-piece, molded-in-place seals with the rubber sealing element mechanically and/or chemically bonded to the metal retainer. Parker’s “Splined and Coined” mechanically bonding feature is used on many 600, NAS1523 and 610 series sizes. This feature ensures a positive attachment of the rubber to the retainer, eliminating missing or loose seal elements associated with bonded seals. Stat-O-Seals are designed to seal beneath the head of the fastener as shown for both internal and external pressure and vacuum systems. Stat-O-Seals offer users long and reliable service, a high degree of reusability and easy assembly.
• Intended to seal the shank of a bolt immediately under the head
• 600 Series: Intended for sealing standard series fasteners
• NAS1523 Series: Applications that require conformance to NAS1523
• 610 Series: Intended for sealing metric fasteners from 5mm to 22mm

• No machined O-ring grooves are required in the mating flange
• Precisely controlled optimum percent squeeze eliminates over compression
• The retainer edge is visible after installation allowing for easy visual inspection and reducing 
   failures caused by missing seals
• The ridged self centering design provides easy and accurate placement of the seal
• The solid metal to metal contact improves joint stability and eliminates re-torquing
• Long reliable service and a high level of reusability
• Rubber/bolt interference provides for easy assembly

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