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Rotary Shaft Seals/ Oil Seals

Rotary Shaft Oil Seals : We offer a complete line of oil seal products including the proprietary Clipper Oil Seal design, with integrally precision-molded rubber/aramid fiber outer case and elastomeric inner lip. Stainless steel garter springs provide correct interference with rotating shafts. Varying profiles include factory split, MIST, single-lip, duallip, excluder and molded-in spring. Parker Oil Seals are elastomer-lipped metal-retained rotary shaft seals available in a multitude of configurations, including single, double and triple-lip; with and without springs; with scraper, flat, and dual lips for appropriate contaminant exclusion or fluid retention.

ProTech Bearing Isolators : ProTech bearing isolators are the ultimate in bearing protection with their unitized, two-piece non-contact design providing zero lubricant leakage and total exclusion of contaminants. Patented, with additional patents pending, ProTech, ProTech 360, and ProTech Millennium™ are far superior to isolators that rely on other internal seals for sealability. ProTech is available in standard flanged, non-flanged, pillow block, narrow, split, multi-port and step shaft profiles. Custom designs accommodate seal needs for split air purge, turbine and grease purge systems.

High Speed Shaft Seals : FlexiLip high-speed PTFE lip seals are designed for rotary applications where elastomer lip seals fail, and mechanical seals are too costly. The filled PTFE sealing element provides chemical compatibility, a wide temperature range and high pressure capability. FlexiLip seals will run in dry and abrasive media environments and are available in single, dual and triple sealing lip designs, as well as in metal-retained FlexiCase™ configurations.

Quick Sleeve™, Wear Sleeve and V-Seals: Quick Sleeves, Wear Sleeves and V-Seals are auxiliary components that provide additional convenience to the Parker Sealing Solutions Program. Quick Sleeve shaft repair sleeves and Wear Sleeves are economical, convenient solutions to create proper shaft surfaces. V-Seals can be added as a slinger type seal to protect the primary seal or used as a primary seal to exclude dirt in grease applications.

Image of Rotary Shaft Seals/ Oil Seals

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