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U-Cup/ Rod Seal

Rod Seal

A majority of rod seals are manufactured utilizing a precision knife trim process to ensure the sealing contact with the dynamic surface yields the best possible performance. When combined with other Parker profiles, including bearings, buffer seals, dirt excluders, and static gland seals, Parker rod seals have proven to provide long life and leak free performance.



The U-Cup (U-Packing or U-Ring) is the most compact and versatile of the many lip type seals available. In its several configurations, it may be utilized as an ID - Rod Seal, or an OD - Piston Seal.The U-cup with long thin lips has very low dynamic friction and can accommodate out-of-round or eccentric components. Other configurations with short heavy lips provide a more reliable seal at low pressures and are better suited for sealing at high pressures. These variations in design, coupled with the broad range of available Parker materials results in a very versatile line of sealing devices. Darcoid works with Parker which produces a full line of U-Cups ranging from standard AN geometry to the BT U-Cup profile, a third generation product with superior qualities.

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U-Cup/ Rod Seal

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